International Anti-Corruption Assembly

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Congratulations on the International Day for the Fight Against Corruption!

Dear colleagues and compatriots, сorruption is a complex social, economic and political phenomenon that in spite of the level of development, political or economic situation affects all countries in one way or another. Сorruption is that thing, which slows down the economic development of society and undermines state and social foundations of the country. It is impossible to resist corruption without attracting all citizens, as society is more interested to win over these phenomena in a modern world.
Today, on the International Anti-Corruption Day, in behalf of the entire multi-thousand organization, I urge you to ponder for a moment that each of us is a part of the country’s corruption hierarchy. Each of us, giving a bribe to speed up the resolution of a particular issue or giving a bribe somewhere on the road to a police inspector who checks fire safety, to a teacher to get a high rating at university or to a civil servant for solving an issue in a suitable way for you, creating a convenient background for development of corruption in the country.
Colleagues and compatriots, stop contributing development of this disease, stop it, please! Bribe is not taken where it is not given.
I congratulate all not indifferent people, active fighters against corruption, confederates, comrades-in-arms, members of the International Anti-Corruption Assembly. I congratulate you with the International Anti-Corruption Day from all my heart!

Yours faithfully,
Viacheslav Sayenko
The head of the international public organization “International Anticorruption Assembly”


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