International Anti-Corruption Assembly

Awarding of the winners of the 3rd All-Ukrainian flashmobile

Head of “International Anti-Corruption Assembly” presented to winners on January 30 ||| All-Ukrainian youth flashmob cup and money certificate. After the presentation, there was a personal meeting in the office of the director of the “Sikhiv school-gymnasium”, where further cooperation was discussed. Please follow and like us:

Monitoring of the courts of the Volyn region

СSjogodnye predstavniki central aparatu IAA that the MAA representatives in the Volyn region took the fate of the ship’s appellate Apeljaciyny court near Volinsk region Please follow and like us:

Victory in the Higher Commercial Court of Ukraine!

Justice has triumphed! The case of Five years ago against the construction plant of the Office of the Affairs of the Supreme Council of Ukraine was approved in favor of the plaintiff whom represented the IAA in the highest economic court of Ukraine Please follow and like us:

IAA became a partner of the EU Anticorruption Initiative in Ukraine

At the briefing today, the Regional Anticorruption Network (EU Anticorruption Initiative in Ukraine) presented the project’s objectives and expected results and partners. The partners of the project were 6 organizations, among them the Academy of Ukrainian Press, ROX YOI and the International Anti-Corruption Assembly. Please follow and like us: