International Anti-Corruption Assembly

Memorandum on cooperation and organization of relations (Yakushentsi)

Yakushentsi United Territorial Community appeared to be the first one in Ukraine to conclude the Memorandum on cooperation and organization of repations with “Inernational Anti-corruption Assembly” within the framework of the “Regional Anti-corruption Network” project. A relevant Memorandum on cooperation and organization of relations was concluded under the auspices of European Union Anti-corruption Initiative on…

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The start of the “Regional Anti-corruption Network” project in Odesa region.

“Regional Anti-corruption Network” is aimed at preventing and combating corruption. The objective of the project is organizing of a joint training for local government agencies, business representatives and public activists how to identify and prevent corruption. And further approbation of received tools in their own regions, exchange of experience between regions and spreading of best…

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The start of the “Regional Anti-corruption Network” project in Kropyvnytskyi

The second day of Memorandum adventures took us to Kropyvnytskyi. The meeting in the city administration. We shuold notice that Kropyvnytskyi is the only one settlement in the project, that has got a regional importance. Holding their hands, project participants claimed that they were ready to rebuild the country and combat corruption. Please follow and…

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Talne has already joined the program “Regional Anti-corruption network”

The Talne separate territorial community in Cherkasy region has joined the program “regional Anti-corruption Network” by signing a memorandum on cooperating in the project.   Please follow and like us:

Presentation of the project “Territory without Corruption” in Zakarpattia region

International Anti-corruption Assembly (hereinafter – the Organisation) within the framework of its international project – “Territory without corruption”, which was successfully launched on December 6, 2015 in the city of Kyiv – invites everyone who is not indifferent and people with an active civil position, human rights activists, fighters against corruption, active youth, representatives of…

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