International Anti-Corruption Assembly

16 червня 2022 року в онлайн-форматі (Zoom) відбувся IV Міжнародний форум «Територія без корупції». Тема форуму «Гуманітарна складова Перемоги».

Happy New Year 2024!

They say that the New Year is a time of Miracles. But we are sure that we create all the miracles ourselves, with our own hands. And any miracle can become a reality if you set the right goal and move forward, despite all the difficulties.

Dear and distinguished colleagues! This year was full of pleasant surprises, significant achievements, and minor disappointments. But we remained steadfast and persistent in winning new awards for our work.

We wish all of us to be resilient, self-confident, purposeful and positive – and then in the new year, many real Miracles will be waiting for us, and that with the change of the date on the calendar in our lives, all changes will be only for the better! We wish you success in your work, good health, and the support of your family and friends. May you have enough strength and patience for the whole year! May your dreams come true! Peaceful sky to all of us!

Happy holidays!
Happy New Year 2024!


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