International Anti-Corruption Assembly



Our Mission

  • Based on world experience to eradicate corruption as the main enemy of a successful state.

Our Tasks

  • Establishing headquarters of our organization worldwide.
  • Integrating all public organizations aimed to combat corruption.
  • Bringing international experience in combating corruption.
  • Protecting interests of taxpayers to create a favorable investment climate.
  • Improving the competitiveness and transparency in business.
  • Monitoring and cooperation with law enforcement agencies, the judicial system, aimed at the observance and implementation of anti-corruption legislation under the country’s constitution.
  • Creating an adverse social field for corruption.
  • Active participation in combating legal “nihilism”.
  • Educating young people as responsible citizens.

 Our activities based on principles of:

  • Voluntary;
  • Self-government;
  • Free choice of the territory;
  • Equality before the law;
  • No property interest of its members (participants);
  • Transparency, openness, publicity;
  • Respect for individual opinions and dignity of every member of the Organization;
  • Collective work of the Assembly and its agencies, combined with personal responsibility of each member for their duties and assignments.