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Raider attacks in the East are gaining new momentum

Raider seizure of fields on the territory of many regions of Ukraine have become quite commonplace for the population of those regions themselves. Residents of the villages daily collide with visiting people who offer mountains of gold, especially after 23 Feb 2012, in exchange for their land shares. In many families the main tenant of their land are people who whole life was devoted to farming and for many are the relatives, neighbors or good friends.
The same situation occurred with farmers Galickogo village Council, where the representatives of LLC “Forvard” illegally started work on the lands that are leased farm Murzenkova”.
LLC “Forward” is an offshore company that handles land in many village councils of Sumy region. If this does not only RAID, but also the forgery of documents, registration of “reverse” number, and a fake of signatures of residents of the region.
Reaching into the territory of the village Council Galickogo TOV “Forward” not only began to cultivate the land, but also thereby to destroy last year’s crop farms.
In turn, law enforcement authorities in this situation do nothing, and the duty of the national police on the issue of introducing a national register of pre-judicial investigations says that it will not be made, moreover, the police can not booth to respond to the illegal actions of LLC “Forvard”
It is worth noting that currently the position of NAT. Police remained unchanged, and the losses of the farm “Murzenkova exceeded 100 thousand UAH.



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