International Anti-Corruption Assembly

Why being elected to the Public Control Council of NABU is my motivation?

The recent events in Ukarine make me, a public activist and the chairman of NGO “International Anti-corruption Assembly (hereinafter – Organization), felling anxious and encourage active forces in  fighting corruption, seraching for like-minded people and allies, as well as developing new methods for eliminating all manifestations of corruption, “eradicating” corruption as a dangerous desease against…

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The youth against corruption in Ukraine

The ceremony of awarding the students-winners of the annual city competition for scientific researches on the topic: “Prevetion of corruption thruogh eyes of youth” was held on May 17. The ceremony was held in Mykhailo Hrushevskyi Odesa Regional Universal Scientific Library. The ceremony was attended by: the Chairman of “International Anti-corruption Assembly” – Vyacheslav Sayenko;…

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IACA at a report concert of Odessa Military Academy Orchestra

A report concert of Odessa Military Academy Orchestra took place at the Philharmonic Concert Hall on May 10. The chairman of the “International Anti-corruption Assembly” Vyacheslav Leonidovych Sayenko was personally invited to the “Made in Ukraine” concert by his military-friends from orchestra. Repertoire of the concert was various, but commonly aimed at the history of…

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Presenatation of the International Anti-corruption Assembly and opening of a representative office in Khust

On April 19, presentation of the International Anti-corruption Assembly and grand opening of a representative office in Khust took place in the hall of the Khust Regional Council. The Chairman of the IACA – Vyacheslav Sayenko, representatives of the main office and regional agency of Organization, volunteers, activists and media. During the meeting, the Head…

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Zakarpattia justice specialists signed a memorandum on cooperation with the International Anti-corruption Assembly

On April 18 a great amount of public ativists, representatives of state authorities and local self-government, as well as usual conscious citizens gathered in Uzhhorod city council. The reason of their presence was an open extended meeting of Zakarpattia subdivision of the NGO “International Anti-corruption Assembly”. Zakarpattia justice specialists were invited for participating in the…

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Transcarpathia joined the International Anti-Corruption Assembly team

On April 18 an extended meeting of the International Anti-corruption Assembly was held in the conference hall of Uzhhorod City Council. There was the Organization’s presenatation and the speach of guest speakers from the central administration of the IACA and representatives of the region governance during the meeting. The IACA chairman, Vyacheslav Sayenko’s speach refered…

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