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16 червня 2022 року в онлайн-форматі (Zoom) відбувся IV Міжнародний форум «Територія без корупції». Тема форуму «Гуманітарна складова Перемоги».


The beginning of the armed aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine caused unheard of resistance of the Ukrainian people against the occupiers, united people all over the world in an effort to help Ukraine defeat a daring enemy.

Today, many people want to contribute to the victory of the Ukrainian people over the brazen Horde army of the Russian Federation. Citizens of many European countries, Georgia, the USA, Canada, Australia, the countries of the Middle East, Japan, the UAE, Kuwait and others decided to help Ukraine and in any way to strengthen the struggle of the Ukrainian people for their independence, for a guarantee of security, both on the European continent and around the world.

The International Anti-Corruption Assembly, which is engaged in the fight against corruption in all its manifestations in the statutory areas of activity and has representative offices in six European countries, also did not remain aloof from the general fight against the occupiers. In the conditions of the war that has come to Ukraine, when cities are being destroyed, human lives are being destroyed and families are being separated, the issue of providing humanitarian assistance to all segments of the population of Ukraine, especially in the cities of warfare, armed conflicts and cities surrounded by Russian troops, is urgent.

Consistently fulfilling its obligations to implement the project «Initiative of the Present» launched by the organization, within the framework of which, combining the efforts of the representative offices of this organization in Europe and attracting the capabilities of partners from other countries of the world, the International Anti-Corruption Assembly achieves certain successes in providing humanitarian assistance to the cargo they need.

Thus, controlling the proven links in the cycle of providing international humanitarian aid by foreign donors and cooperating with Ukrainian charitable foundations, volunteer organizations and logistics teams, the International Anti-Corruption Assembly provides the necessary humanitarian assistance, checks the legality of the actions of carriers and recipients of humanitarian goods.

Recently, with the help of the Deputy Head of the Department of Transcarpathia Bohdan Alechko and his team, humanitarian cargo was provided to the volunteer battalion “Karpatska Sich”, where our colleague, one of the leaders of the International Anti-Corruption Assembly, the Head of the Department in the Transcarpathian region, Roman Roman, serves and protects Ukraine.

The organization has developed an “Instruction on the provision and receipt of humanitarian assistance during the introduction of martial law in Ukraine”, the content of which provides participants carrying out humanitarian assistance with the opportunity to carry out this work without violating the requirements of the current Ukrainian legislation. We invite everyone to get acquainted with the instructional materials and the list of possible supplies, both humanitarian and special cargoes, and to join this important work for today – helping to defeat the enemy, providing the representative office of the International Anti-Corruption Assembly in Ukraine with the necessary questions and applications using the organization’s website.

To all comers who take or are preparing to participate in the implementation of humanitarian assistance, we provide the necessary advice on the preparation of relevant documents, which must necessarily be present when receiving, delivering, storing and transferring to users the necessary humanitarian supplies from donors in order to clearly receive this assistance required for them without unnecessary delay.

The International Anti-Corruption Assembly calls for cooperation in the provision of tools, clothing, footwear, food and medicines to all concerned citizens and legal entities and reports that it has the ability to supply specific types of products from the partners of the organization.

For the possibility of supplying humanitarian aid, we ask you to provide a certain list of necessary things. For the supply of weapons, military ammunition, optics, communications equipment, military clothing and footwear, drones, thermal imagers and other special equipment and special medical equipment, as well as dry rations in large volumes, we ask you to submit relevant applications and conclude appropriate agreements with the charitable organization “INTERNATIONAL CHARITABLE HELP CORPORATION”, accredited by the IACA for the provision of special assistance.

When you see such a sign on a car – you know that the International Anti-Corruption Assembly works!


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