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16 червня 2022 року в онлайн-форматі (Zoom) відбувся IV Міжнародний форум «Територія без корупції». Тема форуму «Гуманітарна складова Перемоги».

The award has found its Heroes. «Guardians of Dreams» and «Little Bit of Happiness»

A few days ago, representatives of the International Anti-Corruption Assembly (IACA) and the volunteer union «Guardians of Dreams» met at the coordination center of the «Territory without Corruption». On that day, Mykola Mykolaychuk and Tata Siryk, members of the union, agreed to give an interview.

And today, on June 24, 2023, the IACA team made a return visit to the office of the Volunteer Union located in Brovary.

The «Guardians of Dreams» Union is a cooperation of foundations, entrepreneurs, and volunteers whose main activity is to help our defenders who are on and behind the front line. Humanitarian cargo is sent to the «zero» several times a month. Volunteers bring our fighters everything they can, including food, including not only products purchased in stores, but also dry rations and semi-finished products prepared by ordinary people (soup kits, dumplings, cutlets, pastries), hygiene products, clothing and special equipment: from binoculars and thermal imagers to special equipment (on request).

At the entrance to the office, there is a small museum whose exhibits were handed over to the team of volunteers by our military from the front line during their trips to «zero». Among the exhibits are shells and ammunition casings of various caliber, several types of hand grenade launchers, hand grenades, helmets…

And earlier this month, a new exhibit appeared in the museum.

When Mykola and Tata found out that our organization makes «Badge of Honor» – awards from shell casings that soldiers from the front line send us, they donated several shell casings from their collection to the IACA for the «Good Deeds». Among them are two shell casings that Tata painted herself. They will go to the IACA Museum.

After a friendly conversation in the office of the «Guardians of the Dreams» team, Mykola Mykolayovych said that he was performing in a small theater today and invited us to the theatricals.

At this event, representatives of the IACA decided to award the team of volunteers with «Badge of Honor» for their volunteer work aimed at such an important link in our Victory, for Courage, for Support and Care for our Defenders, for Helping those to whom we are grateful for every quiet, peaceful night, every quiet hour, those who are on the line of defense.

They received the awards «Gratitude of the World from the Ukrainian People for the Humanitarian Component of the Victory»:

  • Tata SirykVolunteer, member of the volunteer union «Guardians of Dreams», member of the «Order of Freedom» Charitable Foundation, simply «Mom» for all our military,
  • Svitlana NezhentsevaVolunteer, member of the volunteer union «Guardians of Dreams», member of the «Order of Freedom» Charitable Foundation (Help for the army from the population, organizer),
  • Liudmyla Nyshenko ZubkovskaVolunteer, member of the volunteer union «Guardians of Dreams», member of the «Order of Freedom» Charitable Foundation (Help to the army from the population, organizer),
  • Tetyana PuzanovaVolunteer, member of the volunteer union «Guardians of Dreams»,
  • Ruslana KurkinaVolunteer, member of the volunteer union «Guardians of Dreams»,
  • Mykola MykolaychukVolunteer, member of the volunteer union «Guardians of Dreams», Founder and CEO of «AK “SPRINT MEDIA”» LLC,
  • Vadym KrechmarUkrainian artist and art critic. He was a co-organizer of the multimedia project UKRAINIAN REVIVAL, which took place from April 4 to 18 at the Lapidárium Gallery (Prague), owned by Svitlana Kolouskova. This project presented unique artistic images and metaphors of iconic Ukrainian artists, their philosophy based on the centuries-old spiritual heritage of Ukraine.

The theater «A BISELE MAZL or a little bit of Happiness» was located in a small but comfortable room and presented the audience with a play of the same name. The script was written by Ukrainian artist, member of the Union of Artists of Ukraine, art critic Vadym Krechmar. The director is Karina Chuliba.

«Vadym Krechmar is a Ukrainian artist, member of the Union of Artists of Ukraine, art critic. Since February 11, 2021, within the framework of the Art Workshop project, the Promitei Cultural Center has been hosting the exhibition «Creative Palette of Vadym Krechmar’s Art Studio», which features more than 115 works by participants aged 4.5 to 60 years.»

At the entrance to the hall, the audience was greeted by a charming «entertainer». Guests were also given the opportunity to learn some of the meanings of popular Yiddish phrases. And not without reason, because during the performance the actors used the «language of Odesa» with these expressions.

The story is quite simple. The love of young people, the protest of parents and, as expected, a wise rabbi whose advice ultimately leads to a good outcome. However, the way this situation is presented, and the phrases spoken at the right moment, makes the viewer withdraw from reality and completely immerse himself in what is happening, laughing heartily. And even though the actors do not claim to be professional theater artists, this performance managed to evoke a lot of pleasant and positive emotions in the audience, including the military. This is very important, given the situation in the country.

We are very grateful to Mykola Mykolaychuk for the invitation and wish the actors and the « A BISELE MAZL or a little bit of Happiness » theater success, new high-profile premieres and enthusiastic audiences!


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