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16 червня 2022 року в онлайн-форматі (Zoom) відбувся IV Міжнародний форум «Територія без корупції». Тема форуму «Гуманітарна складова Перемоги».

Even on the eve of the holiday, there is work…

On September 23, on the eve of the International Anti-Corruption Assembly’s birthday, a general meeting of the organization’s members was held at the Khust Humanitarian Aid Center of the IACA Department (Zakarpattia region), headed by Bohdan Alechko, Deputy Head of the IACA Department in the region. This important event was attended by the Heads of the Assembly’s departments in Ukraine and members of the organization from other regions, volunteers and guests. Due to the military situation in the country, it was suggested that the representatives of the regions who came to the meeting bring with them powers of attorney from each member of their large team for the right to vote.

Missionary pastor Oleksiy Zamorennyi from the city of Siversk was also able to attend the event.

Oleksiy is the head of the IACA department in the Donetsk region. In Siversk, he founded a hospice for elderly, lonely people with special needs and physical disabilities. In February 2022, he had to leave Siversk with all his patients due to the intensification of hostilities in the Donetsk region. Now, thanks to the head of the Zabolottsevsky village community, Maria Discant, the hospice is located in the village of Zabolottsy. Oleksiy and his team receive requests from all over Ukraine to provide shelter in the hospice for lonely elderly people.

Viacheslav Sayenko, Secretary General of the Central Committee of the International Anti-Corruption Assembly, delivered a speech summarizing the results of the organization’s activities to date.

He spoke about the upcoming changes in the organization’s structure and touched upon projects that could be implemented in the near future for the benefit of the people of Ukraine. Due to his many years of experience in the field of public activity, Viacheslav made a proposal for a model of candidates and career development for a member of the organization.

After a unanimous vote, Vyacheslav proposed to «cleanse the ranks» and expel from the organization people who do not comply with the charter and defame the honor and dignity of the organization.
The speech of the Secretary General of the Central Committee of the International Anti-Corruption Assembly also touched upon the various activities of the IACA subsidiary organizations.

The next word was given to Roman Roman, Head of the IACA Department in the Zakarpattia region.

From the first days after the introduction of the military situation in the country, in connection with the military aggression against Ukraine, Roman voluntarily mobilized to the ranks of a separate volunteer unit «Carpathian Sich». He organizes humanitarian aid for volunteer military units and military hospitals. Currently, Roman is in charge of humanitarian aid for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, their families, military hospitals and clinics.

At the end of his speech, Roman presented the Assembly and Vyacheslav Sayenko a Letter of Gratitude from the military unit #4064 for their active support of the military.

Representatives of the IACA also addressed the audience:
Viktor Badia, Head of the IACA Representative Office in Ukraine presented a joint project authored by the Assembly and «the International Union of NGOs – Territory Without Corruption», «Creating a Network of Social and Innovative Villages», which, within the framework of the «Territory Without Corruption» concept, aims to create a Pilot Project to develop and implement social and innovative solutions to help victims of Russian aggression, inclusive development and restoration of Ukraine.

Viktor also presented the «Strategy of actions to change ethical norms and overcome tolerance to corruption among different age groups of the Ukrainian population».

Tetyana Tavorska – Advisor to the Secretary General of the IACA Central Committee on International Relations.

At the end of the official part of the event, Roman Roman presented a Letter of Gratitude from the military unit #4064 to his deputy Bohdan Alechko, who, despite his professional employment, has been engaged in charitable activities in his region for over 5 years. And since the first days of military aggression against Ukraine, he has been providing humanitarian aid to children, victims, refugees and internally displaced persons forced to leave the war zones, military hospitals and soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, organizing supplies, controlling and distributing humanitarian cargo from both Ukrainian and European donors (IACA offices in Italy, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Malta, donor companies from Germany, Slovakia, Poland, and the international organization UNICEF), cooperating with other foundations throughout Ukraine.

During the meeting, volunteer Illia Bednov from Kharkiv was honored with the «Gratitude of the World from the Ukrainian People for the Humanitarian Component of the Victory» award.

The guest of the event, Roman’s brother-in-arms, Dmytro, also spoke about the importance of security.

After the official part, the guests had the opportunity to socialize in a relaxed atmosphere and enjoy informal communication.

Some members of the organization refused to be photographed, as they are not allowed to appear in any news reports due to their affiliation with the Armed Forces or other military formations. However, it was decided to «disguise» those who gave their consent for «security» reasons.


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