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16 червня 2022 року в онлайн-форматі (Zoom) відбувся IV Міжнародний форум «Територія без корупції». Тема форуму «Гуманітарна складова Перемоги».

Forum Anti-Corruption Platform “Territory without Corruption”

Today, on May 14, in the building of Obolonska RDA in Kiev was held a forum in the framework of the Anti-Corruption Platform “Territory without Corruption”. The meeting was organized by the International Anti-Corruption Assembly.

The Forum was attended by organizations with which MAA cooperates and whose activities are related to anti-corruption activities – NABU, SBU, NAZK, DBR, OSCE and SAP. Also invited were the partners of the NGO “Stop the Illegal”, NGO “Journalists against Corruption”, VNAK, NGO “Committee to combat organized crime and corruption”, UVO “SPAS-23” … as well as representatives of organizations that are interested in addressing issues related to corruption.

The MAA Secretary General Vyacheslav Sayenko took the opening speech. His speech started with the presentation of the NGO “International Anti-Corruption Assembly”. Presenting his organization, Vyacheslav told about the IAA representative offices in Ukraine and abroad. Thanks to perseverance, perseverance and determination for 3.5 years (since September 24, 2015) the team has managed to do a lot:

In December 2015, for the first time in Ukraine, the International Forum “Our Choice is a Society without Corruption! Within the framework of the general movement of Ukraine on the way of reforms. Representatives of 11 countries (Italy, Portugal, Poland, Israel, Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, Canada, Switzerland, Turkey, Germany) took part in the forum.

The International Anti-Corruption Assembly took part in the International Forums “Territory without Corruption” held in 2016-2018 in Milan (Italy) and Lisbon (Portugal), where 25 countries participated.

5 European countries are already sharing their experience with Ukrainians in the fight against corruption.

More than 2000 volumes of cases won by the organization.

Fifteen cases of illegal logging and logging in and out of Ukraine were brought to court.

The organization has 12 public receptions in 10 regions of Ukraine, receiving more than 10,000 appeals.

Forty-five persons have been prosecuted for detecting acts of corruption and abuse of office.

Three industrial facilities are protected against raiders and are kept in State ownership.

18 cases won with the assistance of the International Anti-Corruption Assembly.

The 112 investigative journalism cases resulted in the opening of 59 corruption-related proceedings.

The Head of the MAA representative office in Ukraine, Viktor Badia, also gave a speech. He touched upon the issue of the source of corruption in Ukraine, the history of which dates back to the Soviet Union. Changes in situations, work with young people, work with universities – that’s what can change the history and make a new page in the fight against corruption…

On behalf of the All-Ukrainian Anti-Corruption Committee, Mykola Gerchak and Valeriy Dryuchenko attended the forum. Valeriy Vasilievich is also a representative of the MAA Legal Advisory Department. He also said a few words on the podium on a topic of concern to all.

Sergei Prokopenko, Head of the IAA Zhytomyr Region Department, expressed gratitude to the International Anti-Corruption Assembly

The topic of corruption in education was presented by Svetlana Fedkevich, Head of the MAA Department of Volyn Oblast.

After the speakers’ speeches, those who wished to tell about their experience, opportunities and achievements rose to the rostrum. And, of course, to ask questions to the organizations united by the anti-corruption platform.

Among them were Nikolay Zubovich – Doctor of Biological Sciences, Nadezhda Statsyura – Head of the Samovryadvannya Rada, Vasily Goncharuk – Head of the Public Rada of the Obolon RDA, Olga Kvasova – Head of the Public Rada of the Svyatoshinsky district, Pashko Irina – Head of the Obolon Rada.

Summing up the results of the forum, the Secretary General of the NGO “International Anti-Corruption Assembly” reported on the upcoming Anti-Corruption “Tour” in all regions of Ukraine, which opens today’s event. Tomorrow a fruitful preparation for the field trip will begin, which is scheduled to begin on May 26.

And in conclusion, Vyacheslav Saenko thanked those who came to the forum and supported the Anti-Corruption Platform “Territory without Corruption”.

“We are ready for cooperation, we are ready for partnership, we are ready to share our rich experience, we are ready to help, but only if they ask, but we will not impose our help.


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